About Gamedex

About Gamedex

Gamedex started in 2014 with a range of customized Nintendo 3DS games, for example a Pokemon game preloaded with the full Pokedex. When things started taking off, we expanded our catalogue in to licensed plush toys, gaming merchandise, video games, collectibles and more. We've made it our goal to ensure that our full catalogue consists of only the highest quality, officially licensed products.

At Gamedex you will find over 5,000 in stock products, including everything from Pokemon Plush Toys, to Pop Culture Collectables. We also host monthly Facebook giveaways, so why not check them out and enter.

Our Promise to You

Part of our mission and promise to you is that all of our products are genuine, and come from trusted companies and suppliers. This is something we feel is important given the current status of many online marketplaces today.

Australian Owned

Gamedex is proud to be Australian owned. We deal with local Australian distributors to bring you quality products that ship from Australia.

Preloaded Games

Something that makes us a little different to the others is our Preloaded game service. Currently our preloaded range includes the latest Pokemon Games for 3DS, such as Pokemon Ultra Moon, Ultra Sun, Moon, Sun, X Y and more. These games have been preloaded with a complete pokedex, meaning that you will receive a brand new game, that has one of each Pokemon in existance already on the game cart, ready for you to use as you start your new adventure.

All of our preloaded games can be customized in terms of characters and trainer names, making them the perfect gift.