Pokemon Ultra Moon Preloaded with National Pokedex 807 Pokemon 3DS

Pokemon Ultra Moon Preloaded National Pokedex and Events 900 Pokemon 3DS 2DS
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This listing is for Pokemon Ultra Moon for the 3DS preloaded with the full Pokedex (807 Pokemon). This is a brand new game that has been taken out of the shrink wrap in order to place all of the Pokemon inside the PC Boxes. You will receive Pokemon Ultra Moon in brand new condition, preloaded with one of every single Pokemon.

All Pokemon included can be found inside the PC boxes and are Pokemon Bank compatible. Please note that all of our games are preloaded by collecting and transferring Pokemon to Pokemon Bank, and then to your brand new game. We do not use any cheating devices in the process.

Included Pokemon on the Pokedex Version:

On this game you will find one of every single Pokemon from Charmander through to Zeraora (1 - 807). Pokemon will vary in levels and will be shiny where possible. All Pokemon are legitimate and can be stored in Pokemon Bank.

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